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Elena - House - In mountain Ethnographic House for Sale Near Elena,Veliko Tarnovo.

Elena - House - In mountain

Price: 6000

House for Sale near Elena
SOLD OUT !!! Unique possibility to become an owner of ethnographic house near Elena in good condition at exclusively low price. The property is isolated from civilization. It is situated in ecologically clean and quiet region 7 km from Elena,30 km from Veliko Tarnovo, 250 from Sofia 245 from Sofia Airport,.

area: 100 sq. meters     floor: 2     garden: 2000 sq. meters
This ethnographic house is situated in ecologically clean quiet mountain region called Elenski Balkan. It is 7 km away from the pretty town named after the most beautiful woman in the ancient Roman Empire- Elena. The living area is 100 sq. meters. The plot is 2 000 sq. meters. The house itself is two-storied. The first storey is a basement level. The second storey consists of 4 rooms, a barn, and a shed. The floor is covered with oak-wood .The blistering of the walls is from belilka (a special kind of mineral which is found only in this region and it is very resistable). There is no electricity network system. Water is coming from ecologically clean 300-years old stone drill. There are also exclusively beautiful wood surroundings near the village which is situated at 1200 meters above-sea level. The region is set apart from the noise of car bustle and telephones and it is among the best places for rest. It gives you the unique opportunity of living in the middle of 18th century.

We would like to represent you the opinion of a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Svishtov-Atanas Grigirov, who owns similar house in this mountain region for 10 years:
The situation these days in Bulgaria reminds the situation in Spain and Portugal before they were accepted to the European Union. Companies from all around the world bustle to buy estates, which are still cheap, because they are aware that the estates prices will rise by times many. The Bulgarians are more than willing to sell them because FOR MANY YEARS THE PRICES of property have been kept down by means of law, so that the political oligarchy could furnish themselves with estates. The political oligarchy had only succeeded in buying few residences, but the people had never found out that their homes and their land actually had a worth. The PROPERTIES FOR SALE are those, which seem to follow the European standards, they are connected to electricity, water supply, they are accessible by asphalt roads, yet they are not so good. Indeed, the worst things about the properties are the roads, by means of which one can reach the property. These roads are HEAVEN FOR OFF-ROAD LOVERS and Hell for owners of cheap cars. But the nature is even more beautiful that way-oh, how ravishingly beautiful she is!
BULGARIA HAS A UNIQUE NATURE. The self-sufficient communist industry had managed to pollute only two of its plains-Trakia and Misia.In Bulgaria, however, mountains dominate.
THE BIGGEST MOUNTAINS ON THE BALKAN PENINSULA ARE SITUATED HERE. The Balkan (which is also called Stara Planina, in English "Balkan Mountains"), had given the name of the entire region. The mountains Rila and Pirin are astonishingly beautiful, though unknown to many.
The tourists are familiar mainly with the Black Sea coast, and that is where the oligarchy and the foreign tourist companies had invested their money in buying properties. The results are many buildings and constructions, which will soon make the Black Sea coast more populated than the Blue Sea coasts of Spain and Italy.
THE MOST POPULAR RESORTS IN THE MOUNTAINS ARE THESE, WHICH ARE ALREADY DEVELOPED. Among them are Borovetz, Pamporovo, Bansko. The only reason for these resorts to be the most popular is because the roads which lead to them are maintained, and the roads to others are in bad condition. However, if you are brave enough to drive the road further, when the asphalt stops, then you will realize WHAT BULGARIANS HAVE KEPT HIDDEN FROM FOREIGNERS DURING THE SALE OF THEIR COUNTRY. They have hidden the-best.
For me the great adventure started when I went no more than 5 kilometers away from one of the ARCHITECTURAL PRESERVES.
And there are many in Bulgaria-Elena, Melnik, Arbanassi, Bojentsi, Nessebar, the Etar.
I found myself in a place where ABSOLUTE TRANQULITY reigned and the only sound that woke me in the morning was the singing of CHOIR OF BIRDS... THE STARS WERE ENORMOUS there, because the air was absolutely purified by greenery, which surrounded me and covered the arranged in semi-circle mountains.
On every 4-5 kilometers ABANDONED VILLAGES of several houses showed one after another. And they had the strangest architecture I have ever seen. THE FIRST STONE FLOOR rose from the bare rocks. There was a construction of pillars over it to support the weight, and it was made of oak tree, and which could last for 5 hundred years. The entwined non-rotting wooden sticks made this type of architecture stronger. The entire construction has been turned into a wall by putting layers of clay to cover it. The whole of it has been covered with a local type of mineral, which the Bulgarians have called belilka and in which I have recognized (with certain effort) kaolin-the material, of which porcelain was made. The roofs have been made of STONE PLATES or tiles back then after the manner of Spanish and French houses. Later, when I have called after some owners of such houses, they have wanted to sell me the houses for the high PRICE OF 1000 to 5000 euro.
I have seen such houses being repaired at the ARCHITECTURAL PRESERVE- the workers have spread a metal net over the walls, and then covered them in cement. Then they have painted the walls white. Thus, they created walls of great endurance.
THE ARCHITECTURE of these houses is ANTROPOMETRIC-their foundations are very small-from 50 to 150 sq m, and they have been built in such a way that you feel comfortable in them. Even in the hottest weather, the temperature in the first stone floor doesn?t go over 26 degrees by Celsius. Maybe the ASTONISHING GREENERY, which encloses the houses, also helps for this. There is a room on the second floor in which all people gather round the fireplace. The chimneys of the fireplaces in the small rooms are outside, in the corridor, or in the common room, and the fireplace itself is inside, so that the air is pure and the fire is safe. And you always feel cozy in these rooms.
I have lived in one of the houses for several weeks all by myself. And I started to realize that by means of some wonder I have found myself into some OTHER TIME-TIME WITHOUT STRESS AND CHEMICALS, and it felt even more real, because it permits you to ponder over things about yourself, and to find the right solutions.
The first days were somewhat frightening- this was a common reaction of a man, who isolated himself from the others. Maybe this was THE SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD I realized then. The steps of wild animals were all around me (wild pigs, reindeers, and does as I have been told later), but they were scared by the hunters (in Bulgaria hunting is very sophisticated activity). The animals themselves had never shown before my eyes.
But my greatest shock was the technologies-EVERYTHING APPEARED TO BE DONE IN A DIFFERENT WAY, and if, for instance, you wanted to cook yourself some food, you had to make a fire. This turned out to be a great pleasure-THE FLAMES OF THE BURNING FIRE in the fireplace, the cooked food was never more delicious. And in the forest there were plenty of woods for fire.
150-200 meters from the houses were the fountains, captured many years ago from the MOUNTAIN SPRINGS, from which ran the freshest water, I have ever tasted. In the beginning I thought of them as an inconvenience, I was used to the taps in my apartment. Then I rediscovered the ritual of the locals going down the short way under the sounds of the birds choir. OLD TECHNOLOGIES didn?t take more time and effort than the new ones, they were just different. They only lacked the stress of it. I felt as if I was given THE CHANCE OF LIVING A NEW LIFE-IN ANOTHER TIME AND PLACE, AND IT WAS SO MUCH DIFFERENT.
There was a time when I thought of moving there. I needed A JEEP to drive a few kilometers until I reached the road, A SMALL GENERATOR which was 1000 dollars and burned about a liter of gasoline per hour, so that I would have light for my laptop, and a few small things -A KNIFE, AN AXE, A SLEEPING BAG AND CLOTHES, were going to be enough. I could even repair some of these houses-the building materials werent more expensive than those in England, the wood was cheaper, the local builders took less- about ten pounds a day and they were willing to walk five kilometers in the mountain every day THE RAPAIRATION of a house, even if it was badly beaten by time wasnt going to cost me more than 3000 POUNDS.
Then the noisy town life grabbed me again. Maybe someday, when my work was going to be less, and I would have a month of my own. And if some lover of adventures hasnt went where I have been and hasnt discovered what I have discovered, and only if he hasn?t bring crowds of people with him. If local estates haven?t been bought so cheap to get so expensive today. Only if the history didnt repeat itself I would go there again.
Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain Elena - House - In mountain

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