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The town of Targovishte is a regional and municipal center in the south-east of Bulgaria. It is situated in the fertile and picturesque Danube plain. The territory of Targovishe municipality is 69 159 ha, which represents 0.62% of the territory of the country. It is borders with Shumen municipality, Veliki Preslav municipality, Omurtag municipality, Popovo municipality, Antonovo municipality and Loznitsa municipality.

The city is near to the country border points of Varna ( 110 km. far) and Russe (100km. far) and that fact makes it a natural strategic crossroad. The link through Kotel to South Bulgaria is very convenient as well. Central road transport thoroughfares - 78 km. of the total 1144 kilometers long road net of the region cross the territory to the four directions.

Natural gifts

The natural gifts and the location of Targovishte municipality in combination with with the historical heritage are premises for the progress and variety of the tourist activity. A certain advantage is its proximity to the tourists centers of Veliki Proslav, Pliska, Veliko Tarnovo.
In Targovishte municipality there are:

  • The waterfall in Targovishte passage( the lands of the village of Prolaz) with an area of 0.1 ha
  • The field of Urum's tulip in the region Ostrata mogila (the lands of the village of Paydushko)with an area of 12 ha
  • The rock formation The horse in the region of the Park (the lands of Targovishte) with an area of 0.3 ha
  • The field of Urum's tulip in the reagion of Sverdzhi bair
  • The Silver leaf lime-tree in the region of Ostrova /The Island/ (the lands of the village of Ruets)

8 trees are protected by the law..
On the territory of the municipality there is a hunting tourist region - 300 hectares, where game of rare types which is attractive for hunting to the foreigners, may be found. Beautiful green forests massifs encircle all the historical places and tourist's chalets. The resort forests are 1.7 hectares in the region of Boaza.
There is a sanatorium resting complex established, due to the healing virtues of the famous Targovishte mineral water "Boaza".


The national archive treasures 114 866 archival entities. It has a specialized base and fund depositories in the town of Targovishte.

The historical museum is located in an independent administrative building with specialized studios, fund depositories and a library. There are three constant exhibitions: a general historic (in the building of "St. Sedmochislenitsi" school), archeological (in the building "Hadzhi Rusi" school) and ethnographic (in Hadzhiangelov's house). Totally 28 424 museum entities are treasured in the museum.

The house of the colour-bearer of Botev's band, Nikola Kuruto is of interest. Historical classes for the students at different ages are held here

Libraries and cultural clubs

The big building of cultural club "Napredak" is situated in the very centre of the town. The amateur art activities groups - ballet formation "Targovishte", Children's musical school, Theatre studio are located in it.
There are 39 village cultural clubs on the territory of the municipality. They have been provided with a suitable base gratuitously.
The regional library in the town of Targovishte has 322 725 library entities. It has 6 reading-rooms with 100 seats .


There are two functioning theatres in the town of Targovishte. The drama theatre has the status of a state open scene. There are two spectator's halls - with 500 and with 90 seats. The spectator's hall of the Puppet theatre has 125 seats. The base is a municipal property and is provided for management by the theatre.
Targovishte is an authoritative cultural centre, a place of prestigious traditional national and international activities: an international planner for aquarelle to the name of Prof. Nikola Marinov (a mutual manifestation of the Ministry of culture, The Bulgarian artists union and Targovishte municipality), Celebrations of girls an women choirs, Theatrical feast "Days of the great theatre in the small town", international feast of professional performances for children "The magic curtain", national art exhibition "Aquarell".
The public brass band is preserved as well. It holds regular public performances. In the cultural variety the performances of the professional folk ensemble "Miziya", of the children's dance ensemble "Targovishte", of the dance musical centre "Christmas - LVK" and the ensembles "Demet" and "Romano ilo" are included.
The orchestras for choir singing in Targovishte are with well established traditions - Ladies chamber choir and the mixed choir "Rodna pesen". The children's choir "Boncho Bonev" has gained special popularity.
The art gallery which is named after the famous Bulgarian artist Nikola Marinov, born in Targovishte has the richest aquarelle collection of Bulgarian and World-famous artists - 2633 works (1739 - paintings, 722 - black and white drawing, 172 - sculptures). It is enriched each year with grants of the planner held. Here the best aquarelles of professor Nikola Marinov are preserved, whose work possesses dramatic power and plastic potential, marvelous delicacy end sophisticated poetic accent. The art gallery is located on 3000 sq. m. in-door expositional area.
Bulgarian science union in Bulgaria, the Association to the Writer's union, the Association to the architecture's union in Bulgaria, the Association to the Union of journalists, artists and musicians is located on own property /base.

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